Potatoes and Onions

Anytime now we'll be setting those potatoes and onions.
If you've not already got your potatoes and/or onions or you need more we have a selection in the Allotment Shop;

The Shop is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-2:00

Seed Potatoes Weight £
Accord 1kg 1.30
Charlotte 1kg £1.30
Kestrel 1kg £1.30
Desiree 1kg £1.30
Maris Piper 1kg £1.30
Outer Swift 2kg bag £4.40
Outer Nadine 2kg bag £4.40
Outer Cara 2kg bag £4.20


Onion Sets Weight £
Sturon 200g £1.50
Turbo 200g £1.50
Stuttgarter 200g £1.50
Red Barron 200g £1.50
Shallots Weight £
Golden Gourmet 400g £2.20
Red Sun 400g £2.20