A Message from Eric

NGS Open Day.

On Saturday 24th July, we held the second of our NGS Open Days – and what a great day it was!

Everything, from the moment visitors first arrived at the entrance, the flower stall, refreshments and cakes, tool sales down to the produce sales all ran like clockwork which can only be put down to all the effort and hard work by everyone who gave their time to make it such a successful event. My sincere thanks to all concerned.

Whilst the main object of the exercise, working alongside the NGS organization, is to raise money for various charities it was the comments from many of our visitors that lifted the spirits. These ranged from ‘we’ve had a lovely day’, ‘this is how all allotments should be’ to ‘what a fantastic place you have here’ (well, we know that anyway). It was good to see so many people leaving with armfuls of flowers and vegetables that had been kindly donated by many of our plotholders. None of the produce was priced, we merely asked for donations and it is worth remembering that an awful lot of work was done in the preceding days by so many people in preparing for the day such as making jellies, collecting and arranging flowers and generally making the site look as neat and tidy as it did.

If the reaction of our visitors was anything to go by, I feel confident that the NGS may well encourage us to repeat the events next year.

Once again, many thanks to all our brilliant volunteers and all of you that were kind enough to not only open up your plots but to engage so enthusiastically with the visitors and make them feel welcome on what was such a memorable day.

Eric Lindley