Potato Orders and Seeds for 2018

This year’s seed potatoes have arrived along with the order of onion sets and shallots.

To allow for the timely collection of these items, plus the remaining seed orders from Kings, the shop will be opening on Saturdays 3rd March, from 10am ‘till  12pm, unless there is bad weather.

Please note that the first early potato Lady Christl crop has failed and our suppliers have sent a substitute called Accord which they say is like for like.  

However, there are a number of  varieties available for members to purchase. 

Allotment Shop


Our Allotment Shop is open to members and has much of what you'd need for successful growing and we offer quality products at great value prices.

The shop is run by the Shop Group and volunteers who can offer advice and guidance on the association, allotmenteering and gardening in general. By shopping with us you are helping to support Ashbourne Road District Allotments.