Potato Orders and Seeds for 2018

This year’s seed potatoes have arrived along with the order of onion sets and shallots.

To allow for the timely collection of these items, plus the remaining seed orders from Kings, the shop will be opening on Saturdays 3rd March, from 10am ‘till  12pm, unless there is bad weather.

Please note that the first early potato Lady Christl crop has failed and our suppliers have sent a substitute called Accord which they say is like for like.  

However, there are a number of  varieties available for members to purchase. 

The Bridge into the Allotments

We have met with our new contact at University today and we've been told some brilliant news, that the University and Derby City Council will be paying 50% each to replace the bridge into the allotments.

There is currently no time scale but we did point out that this time of the year would be good as its our only way in to the allotments and its when there is the least traffic over the bridge as there will be little activity on the allotments. 

As soon as we know more I'll put an update on this website and on our facebook group.  



Bees on the Allotment Site

There are up to four beehives on the allotment site, they are located behind the Mill Dam Car Park.
Bees are usually well behaved as they go about their business BUT they may attack if approached and will attack if disturbed or provoked. If there are any problems of any sort relating to the bees (e.g. swarming) please contact the Bee-keeper, his contact details are on the notice board and at the front of the bee plot. 

Accessible Centenary Plot

An exciting announcement for all plot holders! Last Thursday, after being shortlisted, a group of plot holders were invited to take part in a Derby Dragon's Den Event. Plans were drawn up and speeches rehearsed and the great news is: we were offered support, advice and possibly materials to create an "Accessible Centenary Plot" for all and in particular, people with disabilities - both visible and invisible!

So today is Day One of working in partnership with our new main sponsors for the project - G F Tomlinson.