National Garden Scheme 2021

National Garden Scheme logo

We are thrilled to announce that ARDAA has been invited to open its gate to paying members of the public to support the National Garden Scheme in 2021!
The open days will be between 10:30am and 3:30pm on Saturday 1st May and on Saturday 24th July 2021.

Admission is by pre-booked ticket only from

What is the National Garden Scheme?

The NGS is a charity that raises money for nursing and health charities by giving access to 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales. Money is raised via admissions, teas and cake.

Why are we participating?  

It’s an opportunity to raise money for a very good cause (and hopefully make a little bit for the Association) as well as dispel a few myths about allotments by showing what a modern, forward thinking site looks like. We think our site is something special and so do NGS!  

Please Note

if you are not a Member of ARDAA you will only be able to access the site on these days by purchasing a ticket from NGS. Stewards on the gate will have a list of Members.

Cars will not be permitted on site on either day. Parking will be available thanks to the University of Derby at their Britania Mill site, just next door to the allotments. Additional free parking is available on Mackworth Road at weekends.