The Potty Plotters Plant-Pot Ping-Pong Present

The Potty Plotters Plant-Pot Ping-Pong Present

This can be a three part gift and a perfect way to recycle plastic plant pots, paper, string, bags…

Part 1 – A Christmas Plant-Pot ‘Advent type’ Present  

Part 2 – The Potty Plotters Plant- Pot Ping-Pong Game

Part 3 - Re-use the plant pots again in the garden etc

How to make

What you need:

  • 25 Plant pots – any size – all the same or all different odd ones
  • An apple or potato crate or any box large enough to hold all the pots together in a small area
  • A small pot of paint and a small brush, or 25 stick on labels numbered 1 – 25, or a marker pen
  • 6 or more ping pong balls (can be different colours to identify teams)
  • Piece of string or ribbon– about 4 ft long  
  • Piece of paper and a pencil (for scoring)
  • List of the rules! Or copy the ones we have prepared on our website as below

Part 1:

  • To make this “Plant Pot Advent Type of Present” wash all 25 pots thoroughly & pop a wrapped present in each of the empty pots (though they don’t have to follow a theme – they could just be sweets and chocolates or miniature drinks).
Washed plant pots
  • Number each pot 1 to 25.
Numbered plant pots


  • Now set them all into the crate, together with a copy of the rules, a bag of ping pong balls and the scoring sheet with pencil/pen in plant pot number 25.
  • On Christmas Day all pots will have been opened except day 25 which will contain the pieces for the ping-pong game!

Now Part 2:

  1. Set the empty pots all together in the crate or box or as individual pots on a large table
  2. Put your friends/friends into teams -though they can play as individuals
  3. Place a piece of string across the floor about 4 foot away from the plant plots. Each player has to stand behind this line to then throw a ping-pong-ball at the pots one at a time
  4. If a ball lands in a pot, they score according to the number painted on the outside of the pot.
  5.  Each player has 5 goes and the highest score wins!
  6. Give a gift to the winner (or one of those you were given in the advent calendar)!
  7. Follow the rules of the game and enjoy

Now Part 3:

Reuse the plant pots in the spring by planting up seeds or making them into your own plant pot scarecrow or use again and again for the Ping Pong game to keep people amused at any school, garden or home event or even raise money for funds/charities!