Working together again with G F Tomlinson

G F Tomlinson with the team

All allotment associations must not only look at the needs of allotmenteers today but those of the future. We need younger generations to take up allotmenteering and have young people learn skills that are essential to the sustainability of the site. As peoples’ lives change, we need to be able to offer them allotment gardens that are manageable within the time they have available. Our Starter Plot Project combines all of these things.

As a volunteer-led organisation, projects like this can take a long time to deliver without the work and support of partners from our local community.

We are extremely fortunate to be, once again, partnering with G F Tomlinson who helped us last year with our accessible Centenary Plot. Their ability and willingness to provide expert personnel, machinery and materials makes such a difference; it encourages more volunteers to get involved and further embeds the allotments into the local community.

With G F Tomlinson’s introduction to the DWP and Horizons School, our Starter Plot Project will give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy some of the benefits of allotment gardening.

ARDAA cannot thank G F Tomlinson and their staff enough for the help they have provided and continue to provide. We hope that our partnership with them will go on for many years to come.