What is the purpose of this Self Audit?


This form is part of the Association's 'Safety Audit' arrangements. Within current legislation plot holders and the association have responsibilities for the health and safety of persons on the site. Derby City require us to submit a H&S report annually and your response forms part of that report.
You are required as part of the Tenancy Agreement to complete this form. 

It requires plot holders to assess and review the health and safety arrangements on their plots, and to resolve any issues they may find.

It will assist you and the Association to monitor and ensure continuous improvement in health and safety throughout the site.

What are the Key Actions required?

1. Failure to complete this form will mean that your rent will not be accepted and as such the tenancy will end.
Any advice on health and safety can be obtained from the Health and Safety coordinator.

2. Prompt remedial action must be implemented by the plot holder to deal with any risks identified. For advice on dealing with any risks identified please contact a committee member.

A great deal of effort has gone into making sure this form is compatible with as many systems as possible, but if you do have any problems completing this form please download the paper version of the Plot Holders Risk Assessment Form  which you can bring with you when you to pay your rent.  

The Form

Water Storage

It is a mandatory requirement from the landlord (Derby City Council) that all Wells are securely covered and locked, see the Bye-Laws for more information, and that all water butts are covered. Any sunken or low water storage, including ponds, must be securely covered. 
It is recommended that water butts have a minimum height of one meter.

Are water storage butts and/or other water receptacles, including ponds, securely covered?
Are wells covered and locked?


Even shallow ponds can drown a small child so its required that all ponds are covered with a grid of sufficient strength to prevent a child falling in.

Are any ponds on your allotment?
Is the pond(s) easy to see with no vegetation covering it?
Is the pond(s) securley covered with a mesh strong enough to support a 5 year old child


It is the plot holders responsibility to ensure that boundary hedges and fences are kept tidy, do not cause an obstruction to others or are constructed of a material that could cause harm to anyone. It is also a requirement to keep boundary hedges to less that 1.25 metres as passers by could then see if the plot holder was in difficulty and assist if necessary.

Is the boundary hedge/fence of a material and in a condition that could cause harm to anyone?
Is the boundary hedge/fence of a height greater than 1.25 metres?


If you have asbestos on the plot that is not fixed to a building then, taking care not to damage it, you should put it in a sturdy plastic sack and put that in a second sturdy plastic sack (double bagging it) and take it to the Raynesway Recycling Centre.
If you need further advice please email to healthandsafety [at] araa.org.uk.

Fuel Storage.

It is recommended that inflammable products are stored away from structures in non flammable locked containers.

Do you store fuel (paraffin, petrol, diesel etc) on the plot?

Storage Chemicals: (including pesticides )

All chemicals should be stored out of sight, out of the reach of children and in correctly labelled containers.

Are all chemicals on the plot stored safely. i.e. insecticides, weed killers etc?

Glass on the allotment

Loose glass must be stored safely and, preferably, out of sight and out of the reach of children.
Is there any loose glass stored on the plot?
Is the glass stored safely?

Buildings and Structures:

It is the plot holders responsibility to maintain all structures in a safe condition so as not to cause harm to any person who may enter them whether they are there legally or not.

Are all structures on the plot in a safe condition?

Bringing Dogs On The Allotment Site

Dog mess is an eyesore and a health hazard.
If you are a dog owner, you have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog messes in a public place.
It's important that all dog owners keep their dog(s) on a short lead so that the dog cannot defecate unnoticed. The dog owner must pick-up any mess the dog leaves.
When on your plot it must be securely fenced or your dog kept on a lead. 

If you have a ditch at the side or end of you plot you are responsible for its maintenance.

Ditches must be maintained to allow a flow of water and must not be allowed to become overgrown. 

Is your ditch properly maintained and kept free from weeds?

Trip Hazards 

Trip hazards come in many forms and are easy ignore but they can be extremely dangerous.
We all need to rememberer that the plot holder is responsible for anyone entering on to their plot wether invited or not, including trespassers.

Trip hazards include; tools lying on the ground, uneven surfaces, debris left lying around etc.   


Are there any trip hazards on your plot?

Any Other Issues On Your Plot?


Are there any other issues relating to the safety of the plot?


By submitting this form you are declaring that your answers are true and your responsibility for the safety on your allotment.