SHOP UPDATE: Seed and Potato Orders + Click & Collect

Because of the current restrictions and the desire to keep ALL ARDAA Members as safe as possible the ARDAA Shop will only be operating a Click & Collect service from 13th February 2021, until further notice. 

Click & Collect will be the only way to access the Shop until the national lockdown ends and Covid restrictions ease. We will provide more details when there is more clarity around the situation. 

Click & Collect
Click & Collect will now be available through the Online Shop. To purchase items please click on the link, select your items and pay online, ready for collection. 

The ARDAA Shop holds a wide range of goods including: Farmyard Manure, Grow Organic, Compost, Soil Aggregates, Perlite & Vermiculite, Netting as well as a wide range of seeds. You can access the Click & Collect Online Shop here as well as via the Website and the Facebook page. 

All payments are made online, at the time of order, with credit/debit card and all orders must be placed before 1pm on Friday for collection on Saturday that week. Orders placed after that time will be available for collection the following Saturday. 

You will need to collect your order on the first Saturday following the placement of your order, between 11am and 1pm. No additions to your original order will be allowed at the time of collection and no purchases can be made on the day. 

The reason for this is to limit the exposure of our volunteers and allow time to process orders ready for collection. 

Please ensure that you maintain a 2m social distance when collecting your orders 

Potato Orders
We have now heard from our supplier and the Potato Orders will be available for collection on 13th February 2021 between 11am and 1pmNOTE There is no frost proof storage at the allotments so the Association cannot be held responsible for any potato orders not collected on time.  

Two varieties of the potato crop have completely failed and won’t be available this year. They are Lady Christl and Winston. However, there are very similar varieties, Acord and Casablanca respectively, which the supplier has confirmed are virtually the same. We have accepted these as replacements since there seems to be a national shortage of seed potatoes. If you’d rather not accept the replacements, we will refund your money for the varieties unavailable.   

Kings Seed Orders
The Kings Seed Order for the Association is currently processing.  As you my be aware the company has been under extreme pressure with unprecedented demand on top of limitations caused by COVID restrictions. This has led to them having to close orders completely for the general public on several occasions. 

Please rest assured we will notify members as soon as the seed orders arrive. However, we are unable to give, any more information or a timescale as to when this will be, as this is dictated by the supplier Kings Seeds.  

When the seeds orders arrive, they will be available for collection during the Click & Collect hours of 11am to 1pm on Saturdays from the Allotment Shop.

Lockdown - Coronavirus

To keep everyone as safe as possible during these difficult times, please follow these basic rules:

  • When touching any community item such as the gate lock, toilet door handle, well pumps, etc – wash your hands or wear disposable gloves.
  • Stay a safe distance from each other, a minimum of 2 metres.
  • You can only visit your plot with members of your household, support bubble or one other person
  • The same national lockdown rules apply inside these gates as outside.  Anyone caught in breach of these rules risk having their tenancy terminated.

We’re all in this together, let’s come out of it together.  Stay safe and stay well.

National Garden Scheme 2021

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that our beautiful allotments will be supporting the National Garden Scheme in 2021 on Saturday 1st May and 24th July. The first Derby City Council site to achieve such an accolade and allowing us the opportunity to support other charities doing what we love - plotting on plots (and talking!) 😍

COVID-19 Guidance November 2020

We are now in lockdown again. Whilst we are allowed to visit our allotments please ensure you follow the same rules as apply outside the gate.

  • You must only visit your plot with people from your household, support bubble or one other person from outside your household
  • Please stay at home if you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms or have been told to self-isolate
  • Always use gloves or sanitise your hands when opening and closing the gate, using the toilet, or using any of the communal facilities, pumps, etc
  • Other than accessing your plot or the toilets please remain on your plot and refrain from walking around site
  • If you wish to use the shop, please note we are now operating a click and collect service. We are unable to serve you unless you have followed this method so please don’t complain it’s the only way we can remain operational
  • If you will be absent from your plot because of COVID-19 (or any other reason) please let the Secretary know otherwise we assume you have given up or don’t care


Thank you

Green Flag Community Award

For the third year in succession, we are proud to announce we will be flying the much coveted Green Flag on site as we have been awarded with a Green Flag Community Award.

The Green Flag Award scheme, managed by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy under licence from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, recognises and rewards well-managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for their management across the United Kingdom and around the world.

We are one of more than 2,000 sites across the country to collect the award for 2020, of which very few allotments have been recognised.

We would not be recognised but for the passion, commitment, time and energy that our fabulous volunteers give freely to the Association and its community.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to both this award and the continuing success of our allotment site.

Glass Skip For Members

Do you have broken or unwanted glass on your plot?

Between Thurs 15th October and Sun 18th October there will be a GLASS skip on site for all members to use.

Please note, the skip is for GLASS disposal only. Do not place any other items in the skip.

Thank you

Please be community minded, let’s work together! Anyone abusing this facility may have their tenancy terminated.

The extra work created for our community volunteers

I just want to share with you all one of the many ‘hidden’ tasks completed by our group of community volunteers recently.

Concealed behind the shed of a now terminated tenant was a full trailer load of carpet and underlay, obviously from a very recent home project. This would have cost us a considerable sum to dispose of had Peter Gresham not kindly allowed us to put it in the skip he paid for recently on site.

This is not just an abuse of a plot, (and it didn’t stop with just this load of rubbish) it is completely unacceptable and an unreasonable task for the community group to have to do.

This is not a nag, merely an opportunity to show you what we sometimes have to deal with, and a request to think carefully about what you bring on site, and if you have rubbish please please take it home.

Thank you


Main Car Park

Hi Everyone. 

This message is for anyone who uses the main car park (that’s the one where the shop and store container is) so if you don’t park your car there you can stop reading now. 

Some of you may have noticed by now that the parking bay markers have been re-painted black hopefully to make them stand out a bit more. This has been done in response to comments from a few people about some drivers not parking their vehicles inside the bay markers which, at busy times, can result in the reduction of spaces available. This is something I have witnessed myself where one car managed to take up three parking spaces by parking across the markers instead of between them. Now that our Society is increasing in numbers, at busy times the car park can get a little congested so every space is vital. Because of this I am asking drivers to park in marked bays only which then means we can maximise our precious parking area. So please, try to think of other drivers and only park between the lines. 

Your co-operation in this would be much appreciated. 

Stay well, stay healthy. 

Eric Lindley 

Chairman ARDAA.