Sue - Plot 127

I was introduced to the allotments by a friend and shared her plot for a few months. I enjoyed it so much I applied for a plot as soon as some came available. 

Coming to the allotments gives me a space to think and the joy of growing my own, it tastes so much better. 

The allotment has been a place for making new friends and recovery from serious illness. A place for creativity and to enjoy the great outdoors at any time of the day.

Malk and Sheila - Plot 64

We have always grown veg at home but only had a very small area.\

When we retired we applied for a plot and were fortunate to get one almost straight away. 

We grow most fruit and veg and eat fresh as much as we can. What is over we give to neighbours and family, and freeze jam and pickle the rest.


Julia and Mark - Plots 33 and 34


After years of suffering from depression, and after a particularly bad episode in 2009 I was encouraged to start growing my own veg at home. I enjoyed doing this so much I started to take over the flower boarders with potatoes...then I started thinking perhaps I should get an allotment!

I went in at the deep end and took on a full-sized plot. Initially I didn't know if I could cope with being around other people, but that's the beauty of most allotments; if you want to be on your own you can be but if you want company there is always someone around to chat to.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, having an allotment has been the best thing for my mental health, it's my little haven and I get a great sense of calm when I am on my plot. The satisfaction and wellbeing from producing your own fruit and veg is incredible, plus I have made some wonderful friends on this site and my previous one.

I would encourage anyone considering taking on a plot to go for it, it's hard work at times but well worth it.



Mark: “How else would I get to see my wife?!"

Glynis and Michael - Plot 26

Nature is magical. After planting a few small seeds you are rewarded with delicious food which money can't buy.

After several years of opening our garden under the NGS "Yellow Book" scheme and raising thousands of pounds for charity we were forced through ill health to re-think and start again. 

This allotment means we can continue to grow the foods we love, cook amazing meals for us our friends and family and stay healthy.

Angie and Bob – Plot 18

My Grandad was head gardener at a boarding School and grew amazing vegetables! I spent many a happy hour in his greenhouse or potting shed helping him prepare them for storage and for entry into shows! (I seem to remember he didn't grow flowers as, in his words, "you can't eat flowers!")

I have so many memories of those days and now, as grandparents Bob and I, are hopefully helping make happy memories for our own grandchildren to experience! 

Frank's Monster Munch

To see their faces when they're 'digging up treasure' (aka potatoes), making dens in between the runner bean rows, picking and eating raspberries is priceless and they too love 'going to granny and grandads allotment'. 

Bob and I have had our plot for just under two years now. We both have full time jobs and work 12 hour shifts. Our allotment gives us time to relax and unwind, our very own chill out zone! We go home, happy, hopefully a little more healthy, dirty and usually armed with lots of tasty fruit and veg! Next year, we are hoping to add flowers to our allotment bounty, sorry Grandad!