Fence posts

For those that have suffered damage to fences and other structures in the high winds, we have placed an order for 1.8m round fence posts in both 50mm and 75mm diameter.

As you can imagine, demand is high and our supplier is struggling to keep stocked. They are aiming to deliver in the next two weeks.

We don't have a price yet, as demand is driving up our supplier’s costs! Once we have a confirmed delivery date and prices we'll let you know and make them available for order at https://shop.araa.org.uk.

In the meantime, if you'd like to reserve some please email shop [at] araa.org.uk. You'll not be committing to the purchase until we can tell you the price.


The other day I was asked about rodents nesting in compost heaps and below woodpiles, and what could be done to deter them. I shared a few points I had learned from talking to other plot holders:

• Make your presence known on the plot. If a rat thinks that humans are around, they are less likely to take up residence on your plot.

• Don’t keep food or food on the plot or put food waste into the compost heap / bin.

• Keep you seeds in a container that the rodents can’t get into.

• Secure your shed so they can’t get in.

• And make sure the plot hasn’t got places the rodents can make themselves at home. Wood piles etc.

The National Allotment Society has created a document on the subject and I have copied the link below.


If you haven't looked at the NAS site recently they have some really useful resources.


Simon, ARDAA Secretary


One of the great things about our community is the experience, knowledge and helpfulness of its members.

Following the recent, unprecedented flooding, a number of you have shared with me how you have coped with flooding in the past.

You have built raised beds; added organic material to raise soil levels; worked the ground so it is not compacted; and improved drainage and water capture.

The National Allotment Society have more guidance on their website and I have included the link to their flooding information sheet below.



Simon, ARDAA Secretary