Getting a Plot

Ashbourne Road District Allotments Association has been in existance for 100 years and is a well-established site. We welcome new plot holders and visitors. The site has:

  • 165 plots of varying sizes
  • The plots are divided up into a variety of sizes to accommodate different lifestyles and circumstances
  • A Growing Academy to teach and support those starting out and more experienced growers, in addition to growing plants for sale
  • A community room with disabled access
  • Around half the plots have a well and there is plenty of watering facilities available for those without a well
  • A hard surfaced road running to all plots, with a restricted speed limit of 5mph
  • Four hard surfaced parking areas
  • An onsite shop selling a wide variety of gardening products and recycled tools and materials
  • Access is through locked gates to aid security
  • Beehives to help support the environment and local propergation
  • A wildlife area

The plots are divided up into full and half size. A full size plot covers approximately 250 square metres (or 300 square yards). All plots can be accessed by road, with car parking spaces available on site.

Each allotment is permitted one shed and/or one greenhouse both measuring no more than 2.44x1.8m (8'x6'). any other buildings will need consent from the committee. Many plots already have these structures on the plots.

Water conservation is encouraged and many plots have water butts running off sheds and greenhouses.

Support and guidance is available to all new plot holders from members of the committee and Growing Academy tutors. However existing plot holders are a great source of knowledge and are generally only too happy to help.