Hints and tips for new plotters!

  1. You are now on 3 months’ probation. During this time, you must show significant progress on your plot. This means digging it, weeding it and making it look like it is being worked on. If you don’t show that the plot is being worked you will get a letter and be asked to leave. You will not get your money for the rent and membership back. You will get your deposit for the key back when you give your key in. 
  2. A photograph has been taken of the plot that you have just signed up for. This will show the state it was in when you took it on. This will support whether you have worked the plot or not over the last 3 months. If you pass your probation you will get a letter from the committee to tell you so.
  3. In your first year, 2/3 of the plot should be cultivated. This means dug over and planted up with fruit vegetables or flowers. If the plot is not cultivated you will be contacted by the secretary. If you do not show that the plot is being worked you will be asked to leave so someone else can take on the plot. This is not just the rule of our site; it is a requirement of the Allotments Act 1922.  Other allotment sites might not be as strict as we are, but we want our site to be here for another hundred years because it’s used and cared for properly.    
  4. Are you prepared to do hard work? This is a life style not a hobby. Is this the right time for you to take on a plot? You need to give it a few hours each week. Have you got the time needed? 
  5. Are you a person who can dig? Digging is a physical act that takes time and effort. If you have a disability that prevents you from digging can you give the plot the work it needs in order that you can keep on top of it? Is allotmenting the right choice for you at this time?
  6. If you are after a “green place to sit” can we suggest you go to the park next door. Allotments are a place to work and grow vegetables, flowers and fruit. Allotments are a place to enjoy but do take time and effort to keep in order. If you want a place to enjoy with no work the park is next door and is a perfect place for sitting and enjoying -with no work! 
  7. Have you got enough time to do an allotment? You need to be able to give the plot time each week. Not only to dig but to water and weed too.
  8. Have you got tools needed to do an allotment? Have you got a: fork, spade, hoe, watering can, bucket and rake? These are the essential tools for starting on a plot.
  9. Have you read the rules that we have to abide by? All plot holders have to abide by the rules of the site. A copy can be given to you by the secretary. They can also be viewed on the website. The ARDAA also has to abide by the rules within the lease agreement set by Derby City Council. The ARDAA has to also do what is set in the Constitution of the ARDAA and also the law.So, as you can imagine, it helps if you have read what you can and can’t do!
  10. Have you got a plan of what to do? Plan your plot.This way you will be able to see your progress and so will others!