a rat

The other day I was asked about rodents nesting in compost heaps and below woodpiles, and what could be done to deter them. I shared a few points I had learned from talking to other plot holders:

• Make your presence known on the plot. If a rat thinks that humans are around, they are less likely to take up residence on your plot.

• Don’t keep food or food on the plot or put food waste into the compost heap / bin.

• Keep you seeds in a container that the rodents can’t get into.

• Secure your shed so they can’t get in.

• And make sure the plot hasn’t got places the rodents can make themselves at home. Wood piles etc.

The National Allotment Society has created a document on the subject and I have copied the link below.


If you haven't looked at the NAS site recently they have some really useful resources.


Simon, ARDAA Secretary