Raspberry Gin

Fruit Gins

Once tasted – never forgot! It can be sipped neat or pop a little in the bottom of a tall glass and add champagne or prosecco.

I double quantities to make plenty for Christmas

What you need:

250gms (9 oz) raspberries
100gms (4 oz) granulated sugar
500ml (1 pint) gin (cheapest)

What you do:

1.    Put raspberries into large jar
2.    Pour sugar on the top and then the gin on the top of that
3.    Shake intermittently but carefully over a couple of days until the sugar has dissolved
4.    Place in dark room or cupboard for about 3 months then taste
5.    If you are happy with the flavour, strain the mixture through a muslin bag and leave to drip over night or for about 6 hours
6.    Pour liquid into sterilised bottles and you have a perfect gift – if you can bare to give it away!


If you squeeze the fruit through the muslin, the liquid will be thicker and cloudy instead of a beautiful pink clear drink!