National Garden Scheme 2021

We are thrilled to announce that ARDAA has been invited to open its gate to paying members of the public to support the National Garden Scheme in 2021!
The open days will be between 10:30am and 3:30pm on Saturday 1st May and on Saturday 24th July 2021.

Admission is by pre-booked ticket only from

What is the National Garden Scheme?

The NGS is a charity that raises money for nursing and health charities by giving access to 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales. Money is raised via admissions, teas and cake.

Why are we participating?  

It’s an opportunity to raise money for a very good cause (and hopefully make a little bit for the Association) as well as dispel a few myths about allotments by showing what a modern, forward thinking site looks like. We think our site is something special and so do NGS!  

Please Note

if you are not a Member of ARDAA you will only be able to access the site on these days by purchasing a ticket from NGS. Stewards on the gate will have a list of Members.

Cars will not be permitted on site on either day. Parking will be available thanks to the University of Derby at their Britania Mill site, just next door to the allotments. Additional free parking is available on Mackworth Road at weekends.

Plants for Sale

Good News!

Once again we are growing plants to sell and raise money for our Allotment Association!

We can promise you: 

  • Great quality plants at very affordable prices
  • We are growing all kinds of vegetable, greenhouse and flower plants
  • They will only be put out for sale at the ‘right time to plant’ and where necessary, properly hardened off!

Look out for further information

It’s too early to sell you anything yet but please think about supporting your allotment community before you buy from garden centres and other retailers.

Spring has Sprung!

Great to see so many of you on site yesterday. Spring has sprung and we all look forward to a bountiful new growing season.

Big thank you to everyone who has supported the Shop in February. Compost and manure has been flying off the shelves (though no one was caught in the cross-fire!). Farmyard manure has sold out now but we still have plenty of multi purpose compost amongst other things. 

Our online shop has become very popular allowing you to browse from the comfort of your own lounge (or even shed!). Purchase online to avoid disappointment; and then simply pick up from the Shop on a Saturday morning between 11am and 1pm. Give it a go at

Benefits of Membership

The Association has three types of Membership grade:


As a Member you can:

  • Vote at General Meetings of the Association and have your say in how the Association and the site is run
  • Become a Tenant and rent an allotment plot from the Association
  • Be considered to take on the Tenancy of a family member's plot in the event of their death
  • Be issued with a site key - £25 deposit required
  • Walk around the site unsupervised
  • Purchase items from our Shop in person or online at

We would encourage anyone who is a regular visitor to site to become a Member.

The fee for this grade is £5 per calendar year. However, at the moment we are in the process of changing our Membership and Tenancy year to begin in October. Therefore, the membership fee is currently £3.75.

To get details of how to join please email secretary [at]


As an Associate you can:

The fee for this grade is £1. Membership Agreement forms are available from the Shop.

Corporate Member

We are very lucky to have a number of local business partners without whom many of the projects the Association has completed in recent years would have taken longer, cost more or simply would have not started. If your organisation is interested in becoming a Corporate Member please email corporate [at]


International Recognition

We are very proud to see our Growing Academy feature in the latest publication of The Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux, a union of the national allotment and leisure garden federations from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great-Britain, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.


Congratulations G F Tomlinson

The phenomenal contribution that G F Tomlinson have made to our allotment community has contributed to them being recognised as a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CSR Accreditation is a nationally recognised body that awards Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditations to businesses that can demonstrate a positive impact on society through areas such as social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns.

Recognised as being on the highest end of the scale, G F Tomlinson was awarded the Gold standard in the CSR Accreditation’s judging criteria, and since 2013, G F Tomlinson has followed a refined social value policy, ensuring its activities are in accordance with the Social Value Act 2012.

For more details see

Congratulations G F Tomlinson, so very well deserved.

SHOP UPDATE: Seed and Potato Orders + Click & Collect

Because of the current restrictions and the desire to keep ALL ARDAA Members as safe as possible the ARDAA Shop will only be operating a Click & Collect service from 13th February 2021, until further notice. 

Click & Collect will be the only way to access the Shop until the national lockdown ends and Covid restrictions ease. We will provide more details when there is more clarity around the situation. 

Click & Collect
Click & Collect will now be available through the Online Shop. To purchase items please click on the link, select your items and pay online, ready for collection. 

The ARDAA Shop holds a wide range of goods including: Farmyard Manure, Grow Organic, Compost, Soil Aggregates, Perlite & Vermiculite, Netting as well as a wide range of seeds. You can access the Click & Collect Online Shop here as well as via the Website and the Facebook page. 

All payments are made online, at the time of order, with credit/debit card and all orders must be placed before 1pm on Friday for collection on Saturday that week. Orders placed after that time will be available for collection the following Saturday. 

You will need to collect your order on the first Saturday following the placement of your order, between 11am and 1pm. No additions to your original order will be allowed at the time of collection and no purchases can be made on the day. 

The reason for this is to limit the exposure of our volunteers and allow time to process orders ready for collection. 

Please ensure that you maintain a 2m social distance when collecting your orders 

Potato Orders
We have now heard from our supplier and the Potato Orders will be available for collection on 13th February 2021 between 11am and 1pmNOTE There is no frost proof storage at the allotments so the Association cannot be held responsible for any potato orders not collected on time.  

Two varieties of the potato crop have completely failed and won’t be available this year. They are Lady Christl and Winston. However, there are very similar varieties, Acord and Casablanca respectively, which the supplier has confirmed are virtually the same. We have accepted these as replacements since there seems to be a national shortage of seed potatoes. If you’d rather not accept the replacements, we will refund your money for the varieties unavailable.   

Kings Seed Orders
The Kings Seed Order for the Association is currently processing.  As you my be aware the company has been under extreme pressure with unprecedented demand on top of limitations caused by COVID restrictions. This has led to them having to close orders completely for the general public on several occasions. 

Please rest assured we will notify members as soon as the seed orders arrive. However, we are unable to give, any more information or a timescale as to when this will be, as this is dictated by the supplier Kings Seeds.  

When the seeds orders arrive, they will be available for collection during the Click & Collect hours of 11am to 1pm on Saturdays from the Allotment Shop.

Lockdown - Coronavirus

To keep everyone as safe as possible during these difficult times, please follow these basic rules:

  • When touching any community item such as the gate lock, toilet door handle, well pumps, etc – wash your hands or wear disposable gloves.
  • Stay a safe distance from each other, a minimum of 2 metres.
  • You can only visit your plot with members of your household, support bubble or one other person
  • The same national lockdown rules apply inside these gates as outside.  Anyone caught in breach of these rules risk having their tenancy terminated.

We’re all in this together, let’s come out of it together.  Stay safe and stay well.

National Garden Scheme 2021

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that our beautiful allotments will be supporting the National Garden Scheme in 2021 on Saturday 1st May and 24th July. The first Derby City Council site to achieve such an accolade and allowing us the opportunity to support other charities doing what we love - plotting on plots (and talking!) 😍

COVID-19 Guidance November 2020

We are now in lockdown again. Whilst we are allowed to visit our allotments please ensure you follow the same rules as apply outside the gate.

  • You must only visit your plot with people from your household, support bubble or one other person from outside your household
  • Please stay at home if you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms or have been told to self-isolate
  • Always use gloves or sanitise your hands when opening and closing the gate, using the toilet, or using any of the communal facilities, pumps, etc
  • Other than accessing your plot or the toilets please remain on your plot and refrain from walking around site
  • If you wish to use the shop, please note we are now operating a click and collect service. We are unable to serve you unless you have followed this method so please don’t complain it’s the only way we can remain operational
  • If you will be absent from your plot because of COVID-19 (or any other reason) please let the Secretary know otherwise we assume you have given up or don’t care


Thank you